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Easy-to-follow .PDF tutorials.
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  • FLASH: Shape Tweening This basic lesson explores the powerful ability of Flash to morph between shapes.
  • Website Banner Ad Basics Learn the basics of creating web banners and the psychology behind how to create effective advertising for the web.
  • Website Basic Design Principles These days, just about anyone can publish a website. This presentation teaches you the basics of good, solid web design.

Educational/Tutorial Videos

Just a few of the numerous tutorials I created for my students.
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Adobe Media Encoder
Using Adobe Media Encoder (Pt 2) [4:40]
Specs Howard School of Media Arts
Adobe Media Encoder, Screenflow
Advanced Animation Techniques [3:40]
Specs Howard School of Media Arts
Flash, Photoshop, Screenflow
Student Websites
Student Websites: New Web Authors [2:48]
Specs Howard School of Media Arts -- Typical Results of Web 1 curriculum
Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, etc.

Latest News


Ok. This year, I'm DEFINITELY going to look more seriously at hang-gliding. How dangerous can it be?


Whoo! The Soft Launch was a HOME RUN! Couldn't have gone any smoother. Wonderful turnout and a classy presentation all around. Congratulations, Simply Smart Kids!


Still working on finishing up the Simply Smart START! video series. There's a "soft launch" scheduled soon and I need to be ready for it. Putting together a killer-diller presentation DVD.


Finishing up work on both video and my writing projects. Not much to report, other than I'm up to my armpits in alligators.


Completed work on 3 of 5 videos (Final Cut Pro editing) for Simply Smart. These things are monsters. Good thing I can keep everything "in-house." There are several graphics changes that would simply derail someone who only knows editing.


Hard at work designing, writing and teaching. I really should get out more, I know. But I just love what I do. It's truly amazing how fortunate I am to lose track of time doing something that totally engulfs you, until you suddenly look at the clock and go, "Holy Moly! It's 4 AM???" :-)