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to box'DM

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Below is a sampling of the range of the work DigitEyez performs. (Video work is on the Video page).


View categorized samples of: Video, Web and Illustration.

Ford Credit Financing
Computer-Based Training (CBT) GUI for Ford Credit employees explaining the basics of financing via a more 'creative' metaphor: 'painting a credit picture for yourself and the customer.'
The Palace of Auburn Hills
This award-winning "InfoTainment" project helped launch a series of other awards and recognition for my designs. Several identical kiosks greeted patrons of the Palace and offered them games, discounts and trivia.
History of General Motors
A computer-based training (CBT) course targeted at high-level executives to 'power-learn' about the rich heritage of one of the most influential companies ever founded. All new executives were required to take this course.
Ecommerce website: Simply Smart Kids
A very basic website created from a template and puffed up with some custom code and Photoshop know-how. This ecommerce site went "live" on 12/8/2011.Visit Simply Smart Kids
1 Brain + 2D Tools = 3D
Here are a couple of great examples of high-end illustration skills. While these images look very 3D, I created these images using only Illustrator and Photoshop (and years of professional experience.)

Hand drawn cel animator/cartoonist
Part of my rich background is as a cel animator. I've done numerous cartoons and hand-drawn animations that help bring levity and an organic quality to the project. See my (albeit older) video demo on the Video page. Or click here.
Flash website: Army of One
Self-promotional website built and customized entirely in Flash. It's a little older, but I still like it. It hasn't been updated for a while, but it showcases much of my earlier work.Visit
My very first website: Steelcase.com
The first site I ever designed was for Steelcase Furniture. Their site has long since been upgraded and changed hands several times. It's simplistic by today's standards, but this is when web was brand new and we were just trying to figure it out!
The Definitive HCG Diet Guidebook (Author/Illustrato)
84,000 words and a LOT of sweat equity went into my first book. Targeted to be published in January, 2012. I'm also a paid moderator for and prolific blogger to a weight loss site.Visit the book site.